Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp

According to Heffys: God Made Man.  Man Made Fire.  Heffys Made Sauce.  I think they should add “And then we made the most kick ass shrimp and bacon grilling combination ever” because this recipe is AWESOME.  And yes, I did put that in all caps.  When I first saw a photo of the bacon wrapped shrimp, I tried to make my own and they did not come out too well.  After doing a little research, I learned that I had skipped an important step of cooking the bacon about half way before wrapping it around the shrimp.  Let’s just say that shrimp does not cook too well on the grill if you have to have the shrimp over the heat long enough to thoroughly cook the bacon.

So, here it is.  The full recipe can be found on the Heffys Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp page, but here is a down and dirty version.

bacon-shrimpCut slices of bacon in half and cook them halfway.  The bacon should not be crisp or you will not be able to bend it enough to wrap around the shrimp.  Mix HEFFYS All Natural Sweet Mesquite BBQ sauce with the other ingredients listed here and set half aside for basting the shrimp and bacon while it is on the grill.  The other half will be used to dip the shrimp in before wrapping the half of a slice of cooked bacon around each shrimp.  Stick the shrimp and bacon combo on the skewer being careful to leave a little space between each so they can cook evenly.

For the full write-up from the Heffys site, check this link.  They did a great thing here and while we want to share what they made with the world, we don’t want to cheat them out of getting the credit for their ingenuity.


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