Double Egg and Muffin Toaster

They got me.  I saw the advertisement for the Egg and Muffin toaster pop up on my facebook page and I clicked it only to be taken to a page on amazon.  My first thought was “awesome”, but then I came to the realization that feeding a family of four while cooking one egg and muffin at a time was not practical.  I did a little searching and found a double egg and muffin toaster made by the same company and clicked the buy button.

egg_muffin_toasterThe box arrived a few days later and since we had been tracking its progress and knew it would be here that day, we had everything we needed on hand to make our first egg and muffins.  We tore the box opened and figured that while we thought this would be an easy kitchen tool to use, we would need to read the directions.

If you buy one, be careful when unpacking this thing.  There is a little plastic cup that comes packed in the box and it has a sharp pointer in the center of the base.  I guess it is used for poking a hole in an egg shell, but to be honest we read just enough of the directions to make what we wanted to make that night.

You start by splitting the English muffins and placing them in the toaster slots.  Next you take the little plastic cup mentioned above and fill it with water to the desired end state of your egg.  We chose to fill the plastic cup up to the medium mark.  The water from the cup gets poured into the egg cooking portion on the right of the toaster and then you crack two eggs and pour them into these little mini cooking pans.  The pans sit over the area that contains the water and then a clear cover gets placed over the eggs.

egg_muffin_toaster_2You turn on the toaster and the egg cooker and the water heats up and starts to steam the eggs until they are cooked.  If your muffins cook more quickly, the toaster will go into a warming mode to keep the muffins warm until your eggs are done.  From what we can tell, the egg part is done when all the water has boiled away.

Once everything is done cooking, you just take the muffins out, slap a little butter on them, take the little egg pan out and drop the cooked egg on the muffin and add a piece of cheese if you want before putting the top of the muffin on.  These eggs and muffins come out pretty perfect and we are actually happy with this purchase.  We have not cooked the ham in this yet, but there is a way to heat up pre-cooked ham such as a Canadian bacon, so you can add that to your sandwich.


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