Easy Homemade Potato Gnocchi

gnocchiI love some good gnocchi, but here in Alaska it does not seem to be a big seller. s hard as I have looked, I have yet to find a market where I can get some fresh gnocchi in the Anchorage area.  Not being satisfied with skipping my gnocchi for dinner, I decided to make my own and it was easier than I thought.  It was actually so easy that I made another batch to freeze for later.

Here is what you need to make your own potato gnocchi:

  • 3 pounds of potatoes
  • 3 egg yolks
  • all purpose flour
  • salt

First, poke each potato a few times with a fork and lay the potatoes on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees until done (tender).  You can cheat by cooking them in a microwave.  Once the potatoes are done, remove them from the oven and let them cool until you can handle them with bare hands.

Once cooled a little, remove the skins from the potatoes.  I actually cheated and cut the potatoes in half and scooped out the inside with a spoon. Let the potatoes cool some more so you can work with them a little more easily.

If you have a ricer, you will need it to basically turn the potatoes into a smooth mixture.  If you don’t have a ricer, you can use a fork or other kitchen tool to try to break the cooked potatoes down and get any lumps out.  Think of it as trying to make smooth lump-free mash potatoes.  Once you have the potatoes prepared, add the 3 egg yolks and mix them into the potatoes.   Add a few pinches of salt for flavor.  You will then add flour and mix the flour in until the mixture has a dough-like consistency.   You could be adding up to 3 cups or more of all purpose flour to get the mixture into the dough-like consistency needed to be able to shape the gnocchi.

Take a fist-sized ball of the mixture and lay it on a floured surface (to keep it from sticking).  Roll the mixture out to form a long line of dough that will start to look like a snake.  You want this to be about 1/2 inch wide.  Use a fork and break the mixture into 1 inch sections.  Once you have the sections cut apart, press down on each 1 inch section with your fork.  The mixture should force through the slots of the fork a little.  Now turn the fork over and roll the dough off.  What you will have is a small chunk of potato gnocchi with the ridges on one side and a sort of fold on the other.  Place these on a pan and let them cool.

Be careful not to place the pieces on top of each other because the weight will eventually squish the gnocchi on the bottom and they will all stick together.  To cook the gnocchi, just bring a pot of water to a boil and place some of the fresh gnocchi into the water.  When they float, they are done.  Remove the cooked gnocchi from the water and place in a strainer before adding to a plate to get covered with your favorite sauce.

If freezing the gnocchi you will probably have better luck place the gnocchi in single layers on baking sheets and freezing them before removing them and placing them in bags.  I divided the frozen gnocchi into bags that can be pulled out for each meal and pre-freezing them before combining them into the bags kept them from sticking together.  To cook the frozen gnocchi, just place some frozen gnocchi into boiling water.  When they float, they are done.


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