McDonald’s Secret Menu Items

Could it be true that there is a whole secret menu at Mcdonalds that the average customer is unaware of or is this just a prank to get people to go up to the counter and order an item such as the “McGangBang”?  Here are the supposedly secret menu items.  Let us know if you have any luck ordering them.

The Monster Mac: A Big Mac with 8 patties

The Air, Land and Sea: A Big Mac, McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish all in one

The McKinley Mac: Big Mac with Quarter Pounder patties

The McGangBang: A big Mac, but replace the middle piece of bread with chicken

The Chicken of the Sea: A big Mac with chicken on the top and fish on the bottom instead of patties

Grilled Cheese: A cheeseburger with no burger

Neopolitan Shake: A shake with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

The Pie McFlurry: A McFlurry, and ask them nicely if they can blend a pie in it

From the sounds of the above menu items, it seems like you cannot just walk up and say “I want an Air, Land and Sea”, but instead need to order “A Big Mac, McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish all in one” and let the workers behind the counters try to figure it all out.

Here is a video from buzzfeed which you need to watch.

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