Prepackaged Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs!

hoffy_bacon_wrapped_hotdogsOscar Mayer came out with their Bacon Dogs and the hot dog and bacon world went crazy for a little bit, but I was not too impressed with the flavor and they did not have all the bacon flavor I thought they would.   I actually bought them once, tried them and then did not eat them again, instead turning to my favorite of all time, the Sabrett hot dog.

Living in Alaska, we do have a limited selection of some of the products that readers of this may have available to them.  We kind of get what the stores want to buy and think they can sell, so new items that are not really in big demand don’t seem to ever hit the shelves.  Lucky for us, we have overnight shipping even though it is pricey.

Early next week I will be placing an order for some Hoffy Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs (shown in the photo).  These hot dogs are from Square-H Brands which reminds me of some of the names of the super cheap hot dogs that can be found in the supermarket for like 36 hot dogs for 3 dollars, so if it were not for the pure awesomeness of the prepackaged bacon wrapped hot dog, I would not normally have given this hot dog brand a second look.

According to their website, “It’s official! Now your family can enjoy the irresistible taste of our premium Hoffy Bacon wrapped around a premium Hoffy Frank.  Doubly delicious and made with our uncompromising commitment to quality, these Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs are ready to grill, fry or bake. It’s the new official taste of L.A.

If anyone has tried one of these Hoffy Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs, I would be interested in reading what you thought of them.  Is it worth paying more than 5 times the price of the hot dogs to have them shipped to me in Alaska?

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