Stuffed Cuban Burger


Scouring the internet for something interesting to make tonight, I stumbled upon the Stuffed Cuban Burger.  This burger (pictured above) looks great, but I realized that I am missing an integral part of the recipe… The Burger Pocket Press.  I guess that is why it was listed as one of the recipes on the Burger Pocket Press website.

Not willing to let something as minor as a kitchen tool keep me from making this burger, I ran down to the grocery store and picked up the smoked ham and swiss cheese that I was missing to make this masterpiece.  At first, I tried to create a thin patty as the bottom layer, placed the contents of the “stuffing” inside and then tried to lay a thin second layer of burger over the top.  I pressed down on the edges and what resulted was a UFO looking chunk of meat that did not look anything like in the photo.

I then tried to make a thin patty and pinch the edges to form a sort of bowl, filling it with the swiss cheese, smoked ham and pickles, only to find out that the thin layer of burger which I placed on top was not sealing too well to the bottom layer.  It was at this time that I came to the conclusion that for the small cost that the Burger Pocket Press would set me back, it would probably be well worth it.

Looking at the Burger Pocket Press, it appears to allow you to not only make the bottom layer with a pocket in it, but then fill it and press the top layer firmly onto the bottom layer to seal in the filling.  There is a video below if you want to learn more.  If you just want to check out the other stuffed burger recipes, check this link.  If you own one of these tools, let us know how it works.

Oh, if you just want the Stuffed Cuban Burger Recipe, it is right here.

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