The Sumo At Kava’s Pancake House In Anchorage Alaska

Since we arrived to Anchorage a little over a year ago, we have always enjoyed Kava’s Pancake House.  Every time I walk into a new restaurant, I always look for the biggest and baddest thing on their menu.  For me, the biggest baddest thing on Kava’s menu was the triple burger.  The triple burger (now renamed to the Sumo Burger) is three large beef patties with cheese layered on what appears to be about 1/2 loaf of Italian or French bread with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles and a healthy portion of steak fries.  (See the photos below)


Today was my third attempt at trying to finish the Sumo Burger (formerly triple burger).  Lucky for me, I had some talkative people sitting in the booth next to me that were instantly drawn to the beast that was placed in front of me.  They turned back towards me and made comments about how big the burger was and got me pumped up even more to finish it to prove that I was the man.  Their comments even drew the attention of a lady that was leaving the booth behind me that said “what is that?”.  I replied with “The Triple Burger” and she responded with “Holy Crap!”.  The burger is huge and the photos do not do it any justice.  I was feeling good, I knew today was the day that I would finish the Sumo Burger.  I grabbed the burger with both hands, careful to not let anything fall out from the bread, and started attacking it from the end.  A few minutes into the burger, the very nice waitress walked out and told me that there was an even bigger burger.  I told her that I had not seen it on the menu and she stated that it was on the “Underground Menu”.

sumo_006My ears perked up, she had me at “Underground Menu”.  I needed to know more.  I laid my burger down on the plate and asked her about the bigger burger.  This is what she told me; “The bigger burger is called The Chief. It is three times the size of The Sumo and comes with a bucket of fries and a pitcher of milk.  The challenge is to finish the complete meal in less than 30 minutes.”  So I had to ask how many have completed this challenge and her reply was zero.  Triple the size of The Sumo means that it is nine large beef patties with nine slices of cheese on a huge loaf of bread.  That is humongous and no wonder nobody has ever completed that challenge, but I will one day just to say I tried.

With thoughts of finishing The Chief in under 30 minutes on my mind, I turned back to my three patties that lay in front of me sandwiched between this huge piece of soft bread.  This was my third attempt and I was going to do it this time.  As a matter of fact, I was going to finish this burger and still have room in my gut for the other six patties as if I had ordered The Chief.  Well my friends, that did not happen.  with about 3 bites left of the burger I had to call it quits.  I tapped out.  I threw in the towel.  I could not stomach the thought of forcing one more piece of food into my mouth and I walked away not even finishing The Sumo burger.  It took everything I had to even swallow the last chunk of burger that I had bit off.

The Sumo defeated me yet again, but I did learn about an underground menu at Kava’s and now wonder what else is on this menu.  Are there bigger and badder menu items calling my name?  If you are ever in the Anchorage, Alaska area you need to stop by Kava’s Pancake House.  They just opened a second location and I will put their addresses below.  This family friendly pancake house has some great food and even has some fun food for the little ones.  Our kids always order the Ono Pancake or Ono Waffle which are covered in a chocolaty whipped topping with banana slices.  When you have kids begging to go there and the parents don’t mind at all, the place has got to be good. Plus, they have The Sumo burger and The Chief burger.

FYI: I learned about The Chief at the Kava’s on Muldoon Rd.  If you are going to give this huge burger a shot, your best bet is to go to the location on Muldoon Rd. (listed below)

Kava’s Pancake House – 3001 Penland Pkwy Anchorage, AK 99508

Kava’s Pancake House – 100 Muldoon Rd  Anchorage, AK 99504

Here is one last photo of The Sumo (The Triple Burger) from Kava’s Pancake House on Muldoon Rd. in Anchorage, Alaska.


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