Grillbot, The Grill Cleaning Robot

I need this.  Not that I live such a busy life that I cannot take the few minutes required to clean my grill, but just because it is cool.  The grillbot will clean your grill while you sit back and enjoy a coldie.  The grillbot has three electric motors that spin three wire brushes that can be removed and popped in the dishwasher for cleaning.  The grillbot can be used on a hot or cold grill and even includes an alarm to let you know when the grillbot is overheating.  It has a bunch of other stuff, but it is probably easier to watch the video below.

They are not exactly cheap, but then again it is a robot that cleans your grill.  As of right now, they are available in a few different colors over at  If you don’t have the time to clean your grill or you do have the money to spend on a grill cleaning robot, check them out.



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