BBQ Spatula, BBQ Fork, And BBQ Tongs All In One. I Want It


This is officially now on my list of gifts that I wish I would receive on Father’s Day.  I tried to order one of these from Quirky when they were first introduced a few years back and for some reason I never received my pre-order.  It seems that they have changed the name from the Stake, made a few adjustments to the design and have rereleased it as “The Grill Wrangler“.

grill_wrangler_3The Grill Wrangler is a three in one barbecue tool that gives you the convenience of having not only a spatula to flip burgers, but also tongs to grab, flip or move meat and vegetables and also a fork for use on the grill.  I like videos, so I will post one below, but let me tell you a little about the Grill Wrangler if you are not into watching short videos.

The Tongs are wide mouth with smooth spring action grabs and grips your food, the spatula has a large stainless steel face with steam vents to keep your meet cooking and the fork has big ol’ prongs with an easy-release button for sticking, turning and serving.  The Grill Wrangler is 18 1/2″ long as spatula,  21 ¼” long with fork extended and 3 ¾” wide.

If you are interested, the Grill Wrangler can be found on the Quirky site at this link for $34.99:   You can also find them at Williams-Sonoma for $.04 cheaper:



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