My First Time With The Sizzle-Q

If you watch enough episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, you will realize that some of the greatest looking (and tasting) food comes off a flat top.  They have been used in diners and restaurants forever, so when I opened my Father’s Day gift and found a Sizzle-Q inside I was thrilled.

sizzle-q-000The Sizzle-Q resembles a miniature version of the flat top that you are used to seeing, but with one big exception…it is designed for use on your grill.  The dimensions of the Sizzle-Q makes it impossible to use on smaller grills, but if you are lucky enough to have a fairly good size grill and the dimensions below will work, then it is definitely worth the couple bucks to pick on up if you want to expand the capabilities of your grill.

Sizzle-Q Dimensions:

  • Height: 3 inches
  • Width: 18.88 inches
  • Depth: 14.25 inches

Our First Time With The Sizzle-Q

I wanted to try the Sizzle-Q today.  Actually, I wanted to try the Sizzle-Q the moment I opened it, but knew I would have to wait a few hours or my Family would think I had gone crazy cooking our dinner at 9 in the morning.  The hours slowly ticked by and the time finally came when I could fire up the grill and give the Sizzle-Q a go.  Because I am a man, I did not read the instructions that came with the Sizzle-Q, but I did check out a few videos on youtube from users that walked through the process of cooking with the Sizzle-Q.  Walking to the grill with this 8.25 pound thing of beauty in my hands, I knew there were two very important steps to cooking successfully with the Sizzle-Q:

  1. Use an oil or cooking spray on the flat surface to help keep food from sticking.
  2. Lay a wet paper towel down in the channel in the front of the Sizzle-Q to make clean up easier and most importantly, keep it wet throughout the cooking process.

I opened the grill lid, fired up all three burners on high and then positioned the Sizzle-Q on the grill grates ensuring that it sat evenly.  I shut the lid and waited until the grill heated up to about 450 degrees, a temperature I had selected and not something I had read elsewhere.  When the internal temperature of the grill was 450 degrees, I knew the Sizzle-Q would be good and hot and I decided to add the oil.

I chose grape seed oil mainly because I remember from watching enough cooking shows that it has a high smoke point and is good for high heat cooking.  It turned out that I made the right choice and ran into zero issues throughout the cooking process using the  grape seed oil.  I dripped some grape seed oil on the Sizzle-Q and then used a folded paper towel to move the oil around to ensure that the entire Sizzle-Q cooking surface was covered.  I already knew where the hot spot on my grill was, so it was no surprise to me that the Sizzle-Q started to brown as shown in the photo below.  You can also see the wet paper towel laid in the channel across the front of the Sizzle-Q in the photo below



I let the oil heat up for about a minute before slapping on the Rib Eye steaks.  These Rib Eyes were about 1 and 1/2 inches thick, so I did not expect them to cook as easily as they did, but in the end I was thoroughly impressed.  Because one of the steaks was going to be cooked rare, I only started with two of the three Rib Eyes.



After flipping the steaks, you can see the nice crust forming on them.



It was now about time to add the third Rib Eye which would be cooked less done than the others.  I did learn an important lesson about this point in the cooking process. When flipping the steaks, they will splatter oil on you if you do not flip them easily. My suggestion is to flip a steak, slightly resting it on another steak and then pull it down into position on the Sizzle-Q surface.



Watch this short video to check out the Rib Eyes cooking on the Sizzle-Q


If you are wondering how the steaks came out, they were juicy, tasty and had a nice crust on them.  Given the choice of grilling over an open flame or using the Sizzle-Q when cooking steaks, I am leaning more towards using the Sizzle-Q more often.  The searing of the meat to make that crust helps to seal in the juices and no part of the steak could have been considered burned or over-cooked and each steak cooked evenly throughout.  The Sizzle-Q can be found for as low as $50 and is available at several retail locations and online.

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