BBQ Grill Light And Fan

Tired of trying to use your smartphone to light up the grill at night so you can see how the food looks?  Smoke from the grill getting in the way of getting a good peak at what you are cooking?  Sharper Image offers a BBQ Grill Light and Fan that will not only help you see whats on your grill in hours of darkness, but also help to control some of the smoke rising from the open grill.



The BBQ Grill Light and Fan clamps on almost any grill other than the dome style such as domed Weber brand grills.  Their are two fans and one light module that all have separate switches allowing you to turn on only what you need to conserve battery power.  The LED light module consists of 4 LED lights and can rotate 300 degrees.

If you are interested in this BBQ Grill Light and Fan, check this link to get one at Sharper Image:

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