BBQ TankMeter App – Grill Gauge

bbq_tankmeter_01The BBQ TankMeter App is a Propane Grill Gas Gauge that acoustically measures the amount of propane in a standard 20 pound tank and graphically displays the result. A set of eight color-coded bars indicate the level of propane in the tank. As propane is used, green bars disappear, eventually showing yellow and red, then red alone. When a tank measurement displays only the red bar, it’s time to get more propane.

The BBQ TankMeter App is designed for use with standard 20 pound steel propane tanks as shown in the screenshots, the type commonly used for BBQ grills and portable patio heaters. The app will NOT work with fiberglass tanks or steel tanks of other sizes.

Hold your Android device approximately 6 inches from the tank and start the app. Tap the “Test” button. Wait until the app displays the message, “listening for tank”, then firmly strike the center of the tank with your knuckle or a hard object like a quarter. The tank will “ring” like a bell and BBQ TankMeter will display the message “Reading Tank”. After a brief pause for calculation, the result will be displayed.

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