The Grillslinger BBQ Tool


tool_beltA few years back I started wearing a tool belt similar to the one pictured on the right when grilling. I purchased the leather tool belt at a home improvement store and it allowed me to have the items I used most during the grilling process at my fingertips, to toolbeltinclude my beer.  The great thing about my own version of a BBQ Tool Belt was that it was made of leather.  The bad thing about the belt is that it was made of leather.  The leather was almost impossible to clean up if sauce or oil landed on I had to be careful not to stick greasy or dirty utensils in the belt to try to keep it clean and sanitary.  I pretty much reserved the belt for spices, beer and hanging some BBQ tools on.

Times have changed since I first started using my own version of a  “BBQ Tool Belt” and you can now buy a commercial version designed specifically for use while tending to the grill.  This new belt is called the Grillslinger and comes with pouches designed to hold the most commonly used BBQ tools, spices and sauces and even a cold drink.

From the Grillslinger site:

“Let The Original Grillslinger™ Barbecue Tool System take you to a new level of grilling expertise.

Purpose designed by top chefs, the hard-wearing, comfortable barbecue tool system holds all the necessary tools for the grill chef at easy, waist-level reach, freeing up valuable space around your barbecue.

Your Original Grillslinger includes high-quality implements carefully chosen to suit modern grilling: a grill knife, performance tongs and pro-flipper (spatula) set. Innovative, completely portable, safe and hygienic, The Original Grillslinger patent-pending inserts hold tools securely and are easily removed for washing after every barbecue.

Pockets and pouches provide homes to pepper grinders, oil dispensers, spice mixes, wine or beer openers, a mobile phone, and any other implement or accessory you require to grill more effortlessly.”

There are two models of Grillslinger currently available.

The Original Grillslinger box set and membership to the ‘Licensed to Grill’ club. Box set includes:

  • The Original Grillslinger Tool Belt with Grillslinger Buckle
  • Three Lock-and-Load Washable Inserts
  • Grill Knife
  • Speed Tongs
  • Pro-Flipper (Spatula)
  • Grillslinger Drawstring Storage Bag
  • License to Grill with key Grillslinging tips
  • Twelve month warranty on the quality of your Grillslinger

The Grillslinger Sport Box set includes:

  • Grillslinger Sport Tool Belt
  • Two Lock-and-Load Washable Inserts
  • Speed Tongs
  • Pro-Flipper (Spatula)
  • Insulated Beverage Cooler
  • Twelve month warranty on the quality of your Grillslinger Sport


For information on where you can pick up a Grillslinger, check this link:

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