What You Get In A $13,000 Grill

A $13,000 stainless steel grill is no joke.  If you drop that kind of money you are either rich, do some serious grilling or just went about $13,000 in debt on your credit card.  So, what do you get in a grill that costs about 100 times the average grill you may find at your local superstore?  It is all laid out for you below.



The above grill costs about $13,000 on Amazon and is constructed of stainless steel with stainless steel rod cooking grids and stainless steel warming rack.  The grill can be used for both natural gas or propane and has 1056 square inches of cooking surface (48″ x 22″).  The grill has four cast stainless steel “E” burners which put out a total of 115,000 BTUs and are fired up with 12 volt electronic hot surface ignition system.

Not only does this grill have backlit safety control knobs that can be set to three colors, but it also has a 4 zone digital meat & grill thermometer with meat probe.  Can’t see what you are cooking because it is too dark outside?  They have that covered also with 3 halogen 12 volt internal oven lamps.

Are you looking to add a little smoke flavor to your food?  There is a wood chip smoker drawer with dedicated 2,500 BTU wood chip burner to add some smokey flavor to the meat you have on the stainless steel spit rod cooking with the 2 Quantum foam rotisserie backburners firing off a total of 22,000 BTU’s.  Have some beans two heat up?  You can use the double burner on the side of the grill to take advantage of their 30,000 BTU also.

And of course you have the typical stuff you would expect to find on a $13,000 grill such as a paper towel holder, 2 storage drawers, 2 fold down shelves, and disposable foil drip tray liners.



I was going to pick one of these grills up as a Father’s Day gift for myself, but after reading that the advertised 145,000 BTU was likely just the 115,000 BTU for the grill burners and the 30,000 BTU for the side burners added together, I was turned off and decided to pass because that was a deal breaker for me.  If you have an extra $13,000 or so laying around that you would like to spend on a grill, check this page out on amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Fire-Magic-Stainless-Standing-E1060sMe1n71W/dp/B001IVY5BA

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