Synek Countertop Draft Beer System

Want draft beer at your fingertips at home or anywhere that you can plug a little machine into?  Do you live in a State other than Mississippi and South Dakota (this is not legal there)?  Synek Draft System allows you to fill a cartridge using an adapter directly from the holding tank, a keg or from any draft beer tap.  After inserting the cartridge into the Synek Draft System, you can add carbonation and pour.  The video below gives the best explanation.

The Synek Cartridge holds 128 floz or 3.8L or 1 gallon or eleven 12 fl oz beers or 8 pints of beer depending on how you want to word it.  The cartridges can be filled from a keg, tap, or inside a brewery’s back room–all with a simple adapter that never allows the beer contact with the outside word, fully preserving its quality.  The cartriges are qucikly and easily interchangeable.  You can actually switch them out without having to drink the entire gallon of beer first.  To make things even better, once the beer is poured from the first time, that cartridge is good to keep the beer fresh for 30 days.  The Synek does not change the flavor of your beer and the cartridges will run you about $1.00.


How the Synek Draft System works:

synek_step-1 synek_step-2 synek_step-3

Want to hear what Craft Brewers are saying about the Synek Draft System?

 Interested in the Synek Draft System?  They are currently running a kickstarter campaign which allows you to back them within the next 13 days and get a Synek for 299 (only 43 of these options left as of this post being typed).  If you miss out on the$299 deal, you will have to pay retail of $349.  Here is the link to their kickstarter page:

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