Get Smart About Beer

Mark Szmaida, head brewer at Chelsea Brewing Company, gets you smart on seven different styles of beer that you may see at your local bar.  Watch this five minute video and the next time you are out with your buddies, you will sound like a pro when talking about the different beers or just be more knowledgeable when ordering.

The beers covered in this video are:

  1. Blonde Ale – Styled after Kolsch beer from Cologne, Germany and has a pale color, light aroma and crisp finish
  2. Wheat – Light, hazy color, unfiltered and has a dry, grainy finish
  3. Amber Ale – Floral, hoppy aroma, and more bitter.  The reddish hue comes from caramelized malts.
  4. Rye – Uses rye malt which is spicy.  Tastes hoppy like an IPA.
  5. IPA – Based on English India Pale Ale.
  6. Porter – Translucent, brown or ruby color. Slightly roasty taste.
  7. Stout – Black and opaque with a tan head.  Dark chocolate and coffee taste


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