“Donks” Australian BBQ Tongs

donksMany years ago I picked up a set of what I have now learned are call “Donks” Australian BBQ Tongs.  These tongs have been used every time I use the grill and I cannot imagine grilling without them.  As you can see in the photo, the ends of the tongs look similar to bottle caps and that means they are able to grip anything they can fit around.

Because of the cantilever design, every one pound of pressure put on the handles will exert about 3 pounds of gripping pressure so you can easily grab and toss around a brisket, but they can be also used to move the lighter items such as shrimp or vegetables.  If you are worried about these tongs poking meat, I have yet to have any issues with that because they ends of the tongs are rounded.

I wrote a good friend in Australia and he had never heard of these tongs and has never seen them before, so I highly doubt that every Australian that is putting shrimp on the barbie is using this style of tongs, but they are pretty good and maybe they should give them a shot.

If you are lucky enough to find a good set of Donks, get them and you will not be disappointed.  Just don’t leave them outside in the sun or the color will fade away to a dull pink.


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