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Country Fried Burger

If you have spent any time in the south, you have undoubtedly seen a country fried steak on a menu.  If you have not tried it, you missed...


May Is National BBQ Month – Regional Guide To Grilling, Smoking And Sauce

May is National BBQ Month.  To help you better understand the different styles of BBQ around the United States, check out this


Steak ‘n Shake 7×7 Burger

If you have not heard of Steak ‘n Shake, it is probably because the majority of their locations are in the eastern half of the United...


“Donks” Australian BBQ Tongs

Many years ago I picked up a set of what I have now learned are call “Donks” Australian BBQ Tongs.  These tongs have been used...


Chipotle Releases Their Guacamole Recipe

When I am looking to pick up a burrito and I am in a rush, Chipotle is my first choice.  Second on my list is Freebirds and then Qdoba...


Red Robin Colossus Burger

Companies spend a lot of money on advertising because they know that if they hit the right chords, we will believe almost anything and do...


Triple Poutine Stuffed Burger For Canada Day 2014

If you had not realized it yet, Epic Meal Time is a Candian show, so it is now wonder that they would make something epic and totally...


Perfect Pulled Pork – Slow Roasted, Seasoned & Sa-vor-y!!!

While scouring the net for a new pulled pork recipe, I stumbled upon a blog called Kevin & Amanda that had a pulled pork recipe that...